• Muslim Baby Names!

    A few months a go, somebody asked me an interesting question on my Ask.fm account. I thought I'd share the response to it.  Below are some of my fave Muslim baby names.  Feel free to tell me yours in the comments :)

    The following two I came across recently and thought they were beautiful with brilliant meaning too:
    Nusaybah - I've had this name in mind since I was 18 I think. Beautiful name and at one point I even had the kunya 'Abu Nusaybah'. I may even name my first girl (as and when it happens insha'Allah) with this
    Duha - One of my fav Surah's
    Fajr - Another one
    Habeeba - Sounds good & beautiful meaning
    Safa - Sounds beautiful and also after the mountain
    Marwah - same as above
    Zahrah - Sounds beautiful
    Haniyah - because I named my niece this :D
    Sabah - same as above

    To be honest I've not thought of many for boys but here are the few:
    Tahsin - More than likely will be the name of my first boy insha'Allah. Named after my best friend who meant so much to me... May Allah grant him Jannah
    4 Khulafah - Their names
    Salahudeen - Always been a fave
    Yahya - Sounds good :)
    Belal - After Belal Ibn Raba' - inspiring individual 
    Hadi - Beautiful meaning

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    1. Good collection of
      Muslim baby names. My favorite is Ammar and hence named my baby so.