• The Little Explorer’s Guide To: Jazan Wadi Dam in Al-Aridah

    On our way to Faifa I saw a small area of water on Google Maps.  To be honest, we were sceptical because most of the time the water has usually dried out but for some reason we thought let’s give it a go.  And were we glad we did!  There were 2 places we stopped at.  First, the Al-Ain al-Harra Park which gives you a small taste of what’s to come at the second place, the Lake of Jazan Dam.

    Not only was there lots of water but there was quite a bit of greenery, camels, cows and birds there too.  Beautiful spots for picnics, walks and relaxing.  My wife really enjoyed our short visit and it’s definitely a place we’d love to visit again.

    It is located roughly 2/3’s of the way to Faifa from Jizan and is actually on the way so you might as well stop-over if you’re visiting Faifa.  

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