• Sometimes Allah reminds us via our Ibaadah

    Many of us (I hope) would've been fasting today. For some, it may be the first fast they've kept since Ramadan. We would've felt the pangs of hunger, the thirst, dry lips and tiredness. However, the one worry many of us won't have is the food and water for Iftaar. Allah (swt) has put us in a position where this is not really a worry for us.

    Yet, do we realise that this is a test for us? Do you know that everything you felt today, millions of people feel almost every single day of their life? The only difference being that our fast lasts for 8-12 hours but for millions around the world it could last 24/48/36 hours or even longer. Some would go days with just bread and water. Whilst others are not even that fortunate...

    Want to hear something more shocking? The reality is closer than you think. You might be thinking that this is the kind of thing that happens in Africa, Asia and other far away places. How would you feel if you learnt that there were people on your doorstep having to choose between food or keeping their houses warm? Yes, this is a reality in the UK!

    Your fasting today, amongst other things, should make you think about such people, should make you thank Allah for blessing you with food and water and finally, it should make you take some action. Do something that you would expect others to do for you were you in that position. Below are 3 charities I love dearly, increase the reward from this day by donating whatever it is you can to help feed someone:

    www.nzf.org.uk - Help support those in need in the UK
    www.uwt.org - Various causes around the world
    www.CharityRight.com - Feed people around the world

    May Allah accept from us.
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