• The Little Explorer’s Guide To: Pella - Jordan

    One of our first stop on our recent road-trip in Jordan was Pella.  Before I speak about Pella, just a comment on the drive from Amman to Pella: It is beautiful! The Jordan Valley is so green (well was when we went) and so scenic.  The roads may not be the best but it is such a relaxing drive passing through villages, valleys and farms.  I highly recommend it.

    Pella is also known as Tabaqat Fahl in Arabic.  Wikipedia has the following to say about it:  “Pella represents one of ten Decapolis cities that were founded during the Hellenistic period and became powerful under Roman jurisdiction. With a history extending back into the Bronze Age, Pella expanded to its largest state during the reign of the Roman Empire.”

    Apart from this, Pella also witnessed the battle of Fahel between the Islamic and Byzantine armies on 23rd of January 635 which the Muslims won.  There is also a small Masjid (Mosque) which is traced back to the Mamluk period and the beginning of the Ottoman period.

    One thing to bear in mind is that for most attractions in Jordan, you do have to pay an entry fee, unless you have the Jordan Pass.  I would highly recommend getting the Jordan Pass as not only does it help with visa fees but also works out a lot cheaper than paying for each attraction individually.

    The ruins in Pella may not be the largest you’ll see in Jordan but just the scenery surrounding it alone is worth the hike up and down.  The hike isn’t too far or exhausting.  The area surrounding Pella is also very peaceful.  Take some water with you and enjoy a nice little stroll.

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