• The Little Explorer’s Guide To: Ajloun - Jordan

    We stayed a night in Ajloun to see the Ajloun Castle, also known as Salahudden’s Castle.  The castle was built in somewhat the form you see it in today in 1184 by Izz al-Din Usama, a general in the army of Salahudeen.  

    It was built/renovated on Salahudeen’s command as part of a military tactic to stop the expansion of Crusader territory in the region.  The castle helped to protect the communication routes between Damascus and the South of Jordan as well as securing pilgrim routes and trade caravan routes to Hejaz.  The castle was never conquered by the Crusaders.

    Major earthquakes since, most recent one being in 1927, had damaged the castle.  Recently, the Jordanian Department of Antiquities had ordered the restoration of the castle and most of the work is now complete and the castle is open to visitors.  Another highly recommended place to visit.
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