• A Conversation Between Abdullah Bin Masud (RA) and Uthman Bin Affan (RA)

    Abdullah bin Mas’ud (RA)’s life is filled with gems.  He is someone I recommend you all to read up on.  A qaari of the Qur’an and one of the most versed and knowledgeable when it came to matters of the Qur’an and Sharia.  He was a companion who was literally trained in the household of the Prophet (PBUH) and thus adopted many of his manners and traits.  To the point that it was said about him: "He was the closest to the Prophet in character."

    Abdullah bin Mas’ud (RA) lived until the time of Uthman bin Affan (RA) and I hope all of you reading this will make an effort to learn more about him.  By Allah, if we were to look for legends after the Prophets then the lives of the sahaba is the place to start and Abdullah bin Mas’ud (RA) would be very high up that list.  I just wanted to share a small incident which really touched my heart as I was reading up about him recently.  An incident which beautifully depicts his knowledge, his character and above all, his firm belief in Islam and his tawakkul in Allah.

    It has been reported that Uthman bin Affan (RA) visited Abdullah bin Mas’ud when he was very ill and it is reported that the following dialogue took place between them:

    Uthman (RA): “What is your complaint?” i.e - What are you suffering from?

    Abdullah (RA): “My sins”

    “And what do you desire?”

    “The Mercy of my Lord”

    “Should I not order that you be given the stipend which you’ve refused to take for a couple of years?”

    “I have no need for it”

    “It’ll be for your daughters after you…”

    “Do you fear poverty for my daughters?..”

    And then he went on to speak about wealth and provision and thus showcasing his tawakkul in Allah.  He was a man who understood the ayaahs of the Qur’an and applied them to his life and he was a man who spent a lot of time with the greatest of creation, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).  He saw the Prophet (pbuh) go through times of ease & difficulty and learnt how to deal with both from him.

    May Allah have mercy on him and make his life a source of inspiration for us today.
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