• When Allah Wants Good For You...

    If Allah wants good for you, the whole world could try to stop it from you but it will still reach you.  It is said that when Tufail bin Amr Ad-Dawsi (RA) entered Makkah, the leaders of Quraish gathered and started to brainwash him against the Prophet (PBUH).  They warned him not to speak to him and not to listen to him because, they said, his speech is like magic.  It splits up sons from fathers, brothers from brothers and wives from husbands.

    Upon hearing this, Tufail (RA) said he became afraid and decided that he would not even get near the Prophet (PBUH), nor talk to him or listen to anything he says.  Indeed, when he entered Masjid al-Haram to perform tawaaf and to obtain blessings from the idols that they used to worship, he entered with cotton in his ears so that he doesn’t hear anything from the Prophet (PBUH) even accidentally.

    But such is the plan of Allah that when Tufail (RA) saw the Prophet (PBUH) praying near the Kaabah, he was amazed by the manner of worship.  It was not like the worship of the idolaters of that time.  He says he found himself getting closer and closer to the Messenger of Allah (PBUH) until he reached a point where Allah (SWT) silenced everything around him except what the Prophet (PBUH) was saying and in those words, he found only good.

    At this point, it is said that Tufail (RA) felt ashamed and reminded himself that he was an intelligent man and an expert in poetry able to distinguish between good and bad.  So what was stopping him from listening to this man? If what he brought was good, he’d accept and if it wasn’t, he’d leave it.

    Tufail (RA) decided to follow the Prophet (PBUH) home and when he entered after the Prophet (PBUH) he informed him of what the Quraish had told him about the Messenger of Allah (PBUH) and asked the Prophet (PBUH) to present what he has come with (i.e the matter of Islam).

    The Prophet (PBUH) informed him about Islam and then recited Surah Al-Ikhlaas and Al-Falaq to him.  After hearing this, Tufail (RA) says that by Allah he had not heard anything better than what he just heard.  After this, he extended his hand and bore witness that there was no deity worthy of worship except Allah and that Muhammad (PBUH) was His Messenger.

    My brothers and sisters learn from this story to not ever become depressed or disheartened when people we know and love are affected by bad company.  Know and understand that for you is to advise and keep advising.  The rest is with Allah.  If Allah wants good for someone, the whole world could try to block it but it will still reach the recipient… 
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